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Collaboration is essential to our service. Blvck Womxn Worldwide actively seeks out, connects with, and directly empowers ongoing missions that advance Blvck womxn all over the world. During COVID-19, in collaboration with our Community Partners, BWWW directly impacts Blvck womxn and Blvck woman-owned brands in 91 cities worldwide.


"Healing through Definition"

June 2020- Blvck Womxn Worldwide launched a linguistic experiment, using program participants as a case study. In any responsible effort to lovingly serve the "black community", black organizations must ask themselves the hurtful question "what is black"?  There is power in discarding labels that don't quite fit; labels we never agreed to; and labels that just don't resonate within you. We invite you to recognize your agency to establish your own identity as a human being. We also invite the world to participate in this exercise in healing by respecting words chosen by the people within these powerful communities. 

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BLVCK  is /blak/.

We know you are wondering why we spell “Blvck Womxn” the way we do.

We spell “black” with a “v” to signify the intersection of pan-african descendants that live, work, and play within our global community. It is important to capitalize the B when referring to a people with ancient heritage; a small b indicates an adjective describing a color without personhood. “Blvck” is our chosen identification, through a global lens, that is fully inclusive of all peoples that self-identify as: black, Black, indigenous and black, mixed with black, multi-racial including black, Caribbean black, Afro-Latino, African-American, and all of the indigenous citizens of all nations on the continent of Africa wherever you may be. As we uplift one another, we discard the barriers of intraracial divides in order to celebrate our collective ancient lineage. In this global community, "Black" has so many flavors and we celebrate them all.

“Blvck” is pronounced /blak/.

WOMXN  are /ˈwimin/.

We know you are wondering why we spell “Blvck Womxn” the way we do.

We spell “women” with an “x” because we recognize all women stand at the intersection of their various identities. We  are each built differently, and therefore beautifully. Here at BWWW, we are inclusive of all Black women without bias. Discrimination and gatekeeping do not serve our community, as we seek to cure vulnerability with equitable connection powered by #BlvckWomxn. We welcome all of our sisters from all walks of life including: our professional sisters, our single mothers, our cis and transgender sisters, our LGTBQ+ sisters, our established sisters and our sisters who are seeking new ways to grow and create. We are here to be the bridge between you and the essential ingredients necessary for mental, physical, emotional, and economic well-being. Welcome home to your tribe, Sis.

“Womxn” is pronounced /ˈwimin/.


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