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Blvck womxn are running toward safe equitable spaces.

Historically, Blvck womxn are the largest consumers and influencers of industries and popular culture. However, they are the most underpaid: at 62 cents per dollar to White Men, while Women of other races were at 82 cents per dollar. As of June 2020, Blvck womxn make up about 44 % of the female business ownership space, up from 20%. However, we receive less than 2% of the available capital investment. Blvck womxn that excel in their field of choice often report a "lonely experience", as representation in many fields are not normalized throughout the global community. 


Let's be honest. Most organizations don't get it.

Many programs established to service the needs of the Blvck community have little impact on our daily reality. Studies show organizations lack the thorough understanding of Blvck intersectional identities, needs, and challenges and seldom notice this error until it is too late and the organization publicly breaks trust. This blind spot is widened when the additional filter of gender is added to the project lens. As a result, Blvck womxn are now the largest underserved consumer group in the world, while remaining the most under represented voice in leadership across all industries. 


Poor programming lacks value and accessibility.

Existing programming and opportunities fail to adequately addresses barriers of entry, which leads to a negative participant experience for Blvck Womxn. Common systemic threats to success include: cultural and societal bias in program content or facilitation, gatekeeping, economic barriers of entry, varying education levels of participants, failure to engage all learning styles, poor or insensitive advertisement, failure to engage community stakeholders during planning, and no direct connection to industry partners, professionals, experts, or mentors. 


Here you are seen; here "they" becomes "us".  

We are a team of problem solvers dedicated to building a space where Blvck womxn can create and exchange solutions to our well-defined challenges. Using a global lens, we nurture empowerment and healing by building bridges within our community, all while rooting each other on. We are the fastest growing network of Blvck woman-powered vehicles established to assist Blvck womxn in motion, using technology. We are here to remove barriers driven by ignorance and greed, by directing resources and opportunities directly to Blvck womxn around the world- without prejudice

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